Sprout Women Empowerment Trust (SWET) is a women led organization established in 2018. SWET aims to address socio-economic
challenges that women and girls are facing in acquiring opportunities to learn, access resources for business and personal growth.



16017 Masowe Cresent, New Zengeza 5, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe


+263 778 55 8261

Women development & human rights awareness programs

Localizing the Global Fight Inequality Campaign

Sprout Women Empowerment Trust is part of the Organizations and likeminded individuals who represent various sections of the society to amplify the call for an equal and egalitarian Zimbabwe. This is an initiative that is facilitated by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD).

As an organization that works with grassroots women and girls, we continue to speak up against gender inequalities and injustices that continue to infringe on their rights. As an organization we commit to give women platforms to learn and participate in leadership and achieve economic success. Globally, women have less representation in leadership and governance than men.

In Zimbabwe women constitute over 52% of the population yet according to Zimstats only 35% occupy leadership positions compared to 65% to men. By having an equal presence of women in politics or leadership positions, the interests and values of females will be better represented on the political level.

For many women, it is hard to achieve economic success and move up the socioeconomic scale. Throughout the world, women work for long hours of unpaid domestic jobs. In some places, females do not have the right to own land, earn an income and progress their careers due to job discrimination.

It therefore becomes critical for us as SWET to play our part through trainings, awareness raising and advocacy in fighting against systems and norms that discriminates against women and girls hence in February we joined forces with others on the same wave length to fight against inequalities in our homes, communities and the society at large.



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